Board of Directors

Keith Taylor, President and Building & Grounds Committee Chair

Kathleen Herr, Vice-President

Joseph Liegl, Treasurer

Melba Ribeiro-Doll, Secretary

Bernadine Cobb - SECU Representative

Evelyn Craig - Program Committee Chair

Molly De Marco

Matthew Fajack - Nominating Committee Chair

Ann Henley

Lisa Jones

Craig Longnecker

David Mateo - United Church of Chapel Hill Representative

Mae B. McLendon

Jennifer Player

Amy Rix - Piedmont Health Representative

Will Rose - Congregational Committee Chair

Anthony Sharp - Client Representative

Bettina Shuford - Personnel Committee Chair

Sharon Van Horn

Jawad Williams

Robert Seymour - Honorary Life Board Member

If you know someone who you think would be a good board member for our organization, please email Matt Fajack, Nominating Committee Chair at