Community House

24-hour Residential Facility for Homeless Men

100 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Phone: 919-967-0643

Community House offers safe living accommodations, meals, showers and laundry facilities. Community House guests also receive an array of services:  substance abuse education and counseling; medical and mental health treatment; social worker support; job coaching; and referrals to community agencies.

Residents are encouraged to identify and address personal challenges, seek employment opportunities, and establish a plan with short and long-term goals. Volunteer professionals provide health care and mental health services to respond to the various needs of homeless men. All heath services are provided through collaboration with Piedmont Health Services, UNC Schools of Pharmacy and Social Work and UNC Hospitals.

Staff and volunteers strive to empower, educate and support homeless men so they can re-examine their life choices and take important steps towards a successful transition out of homelessness. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups available at Community House, which include: evening volunteers, receptionists, building monitors and clinic staff.

Currently located in Chapel Hill's Old Municipal Building, Community House has served as Orange County’s only emergency shelter for homeless men since 1985.