Without volunteers, the IFC would not be able to provide the same level of services to those in need. The IFC began as a volunteer-run organization more than 50 years ago and still relies heavily on volunteers and in-kind donations.  Volunteers now contribute more than 43,000 hours at the IFC every year.  To put that number in perspective, our volunteers worked more hours than our full-time staff (!).  

“Greatness is measured in service.”  --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As an agency, the IFC’s reliance on volunteers is huge and depends on the generous, kind, and civic-minded compassion of those who give their time.   Our sensitivity to those we serve--our clients--means that having “face-time” is not paramount to our volunteers; rather, they understand that behind-the-scenes effort is every bit as valuable and protects the dignity of those in need.  Our volunteers have the grace to understand that volunteerism is about those served.


ANOTHER Food Pick-up & Delivery Need:  We need a driver-team to pick-up food from the Community Kitchen and deliver it to a local rest-home or two on Friday afternoons at about 2:00; right now our need is only for every other Friday.  If you have a pick-up truck, a van, or an SUV, ability to lift 30 lbs at a time, and would be willing to help our elders who are hungry get fresh foods, please contact the Director of Non-residential Services at klavergne@ifcmailbox.org or 919-929-6380 x41 right away--and plan to attend the next volunteer Orientation...(more info on that below).  Need I say it?--THANK YOU!

MUSCLE & HUSTLE!  If you have some muscle and some hustle (in other words, you don't mind a bit of exercise for a couple hours), please consider one of these ways to help at these vital facilities.  You only need closed-toed shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt, and to note your availability clearly on an application to Volunteer@ifcmailbox.org:

Food Sorters at Community Kitchen, corner of Rosemary and Columbia Streets:   we need help every weekday afternoon from 1:00-3:15 pm with arranging, moving, hauling, stacking, sorting food donations and stores at the Community Kitchen.  Ability to lift up to 50 lbs very helpful, plus endurance needed from 2:15-3:15 when a truck needs to be loaded with food to be moved. If this could work for you even once a week, please send an application as soon as possible (see below, under "To Volunteer" for a link).

Pantry Food Unloading at 110 W. Main St. Carrboro:  We need extra help every Monday, from 9 a.m. through the lunch hours to help unload, sort, haul, and manage the numerous food deliveries we get--we just don't have enough people for this vital Pantry to function as we need it to on Mondays.  This isn't heavy work, just often a lot of food to sort.  If you can give even a couple hours each Monday morning or midday, please send an application as soon as possible (see below, under "To Volunteer" for a link).

Cooking Groups of 3-8 people!  We need cooking groups for all three of our kitchens (didn't know we had three?  have a look at "small groups" link under Other Needs, below).  We have lots of wonderful, devoted cooking groups, but we still need more for the gaps at each facility.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ifcmailbox.org a.s.a.p. if you have a group that is interested and willing to make a regular monthly (or more often) commitment, which day of the week, and for which meal, and we'll match you with an opening and get you set up with the right Kitchen Coordinator a.s.a.p.

Party Planner(s):  We want to have a couple different events for our residents and/or workers in the next few months!  A springtime outdoor sporting and barbecue event is being considered, along with a Summertime or maybe 4th of July type celebration of work for all those volunteers and staff who make efforts on behalf of the IFC  (sssshhh, don't tell them yet!)  These are just ideas for now, but each is pictured as an outdoor afternoon affair for a large group, the second one across a broad age-range, so we need a team or really committed individuals with some experience with this sort of thing to help plan for a convenient venue, decorations, food, music, door prizes, maybe even a few mixer-type games (all on a budget or through donations)--whatever a party needs to be the fun and reward that all IFC residents and/or "orkers" deserve.  If you love a good party and can be instrumental in making either of these events happen, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ifcmailbox.org.

Case Managers.  Both our residential facilities need experienced people (resumes will be requested) to volunteer on a weekly basis to act as case managers for residents who are working themselves back to a an independent life.  Experience with social work or perhaps psychiatric nursing important for understanding how to make plans and work with individuals to achieve those plans.  If you have a relevant background and the availability half a day a week, please forward a cover-note, your resume, and a Volunteer application (see below on this page) to skilpatrick@ifcmailbox.org and copy the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@ifcmailbox.org).

 Photography by EJ Manton                                  

OTHER NEEDS, Many Current Openings

PLEASE NOTE:  The only regular weekend positions we have are for certain kitchen needs and receptionist positions at the Men's House--exceptions generally show up among shorter-term projects.

ALSO, we are rarely able to supply individuals with more than a few hours a week of regular volunteer effort—if you have requirements beyond that (more than about 4 hours/week), we encourage you to consult other organizations in our area.

IFC offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities doing many sorts of hands-on and behind-the- scenes work.  Understand that we use many volunteers to fill regular weekly or monthly shifts at many positions which require a degree of training, and so we look for months of commitment at a time from reliable volunteers.  There are certainly other opportunities for “less regular” or regular-but-shorter-term volunteering to benefit the IFC. 

Please check any and all of these links to see what appeals or matches your abilities: 


If you are interested in one of these opportunities, we invite you to attend the next volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientation offers an overview of our mission, facilities, who we are, who we serve, and how different roles function in our organization and so how you can help.  On-site orientation is required for volunteers filling regular spots, and as many members of a group-effort as possible, with at least one person from any group attending.  (Note that for those who will be volunteering via service projects or other off-site efforts, we still encourage orientation.)  All on-site regular IFC volunteers are trained for their roles after being provided with an IFC Policies & Procedures Manual via the orientation session.  This orientation is held at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month in the second floor conference room of the Douglas Building at 110 W. Main St. in Carrboro. (Parking maps and directions). 

Dates for upcoming volunteer orientations are as follows:

            • June 14, 2016
            • July 12, 2016
            • August 9, 2016
            • September 13, 2016
            • October 11, 2016
            • November 8, 2016
            • December 13, 2016

If possible, please complete a volunteer application before attending orientation:  click here for the application for individuals, and for registration for minors and for groups.  

E-mail your completed form to volunteer@ifcmailbox.org or drop it off/use postal mail to Volunteer Coordinator at 110 W. Main Street, Carrboro, NC  27510.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 919-929-6380, ext. 30.

Once you have been through orientation, you may be contacted for further information to help match you to an opening.  Once a possible match is identified, you will be contacted directly by someone in the relevant department to get your volunteer efforts underway.  With our thanks!