Without volunteers, the IFC would not be able to provide the same level of services to those in need. The IFC began as a volunteer-run organization more than 50 years ago and still relies heavily on volunteers and in-kind donations.  Volunteers now contribute more than 43,000 hours at the IFC every year.  To put that number in perspective, our volunteers worked more hours than our full-time staff (!).  

“Greatness is measured in service.”  --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As an agency, the IFC’s reliance on volunteers is huge and depends on the generous, kind, and civic-minded compassion of those who give their time.   Our sensitivity to those we serve--our clients--means that having “face-time” is not paramount to our volunteers; rather, they understand that behind-the-scenes effort is every bit as valuable and protects the dignity of those in need.  Our volunteers have the grace to understand that volunteerism is about those served.

NOTE that the IFC wants to be sure that our volunteers are well-versed in our organization--what we do, who we serve, and how we go about it.  Our aim is to make sure that all volunteers participate in a Volunteer Orientation session (see the To Volunteer section, below, for more details...)

CPR Trainer needed.  The staff at IFC facilities want to be certified/recertified in CPR for the safety of our clients, but going through the Red Cross is highly expensive for us, so if you or someone you know can take us through the course to certification for free or at a significantly reduced cost, please contact the Volunteer office at volunteer@ifcmailbox.org  --your contribution may be literally life-saving! 

Meal Groups:  When your group brings meals to serve, you are feeding the hungry men and women in our community.  You can either buy your food, cook it at home or your organization's kitchen, then bring it in to set up and serve! Or you can coordinate with the IFC Facility Kitchen Coordinator to complete the meal together at our kitchen, set up and serve.  Please contact the volunteer coordinator at 919-929-6380 x30 or volunteer@ifcmailbox.org for open dates.  

Supplemental Meal Cooks:  Summertime vacations create temporary holes in our scheduled meals, especially where our schedules aren't as full (the Women's Shelter at HomeStart, and at the SECU Men's Community House), so willingness to make supplemental meals is more important now than at other times of year.  Prepare a large aluminum pan of your favorite breakfast or dinner entrée/casserole, include reheating instructions please, deliver to either location, and know that you are making a real difference for those residents!

Childcare,Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.  HomeStart needs a couple or so folks to help look after all the kids residing there while their moms are in house meetings - Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 pm and Thursday evenings from roughly 7:00-8:45 pm.  Volunteers will need to clear a criminal background check, and a weekly commitment will be appreciated.  If you really enjoy kids from infants through ~12 years, this could be a fun way to contribute. Please let us know of your interest by e-mailing volunteer@ifcmailbox.org.

Case Managers:  Both our residential facilities need experienced people (resumes will be requested) to volunteer on a weekly basis to act as case managers for residents who are working themselves back to a an independent life.  Experience with social work or perhaps psychiatric nursing important for understanding how to make plans and work with individuals to achieve those plans.  If you have a relevant background and the availability half a day a week, please forward a cover-note, your resume, and a Volunteer application (see below on this page) to skilpatrick@ifcmailbox.org and copy the Volunteer Office (volunteer@ifcmailbox.org).

 Photography by EJ Manton                                  

IFC offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities doing many sorts of hands-on and behind-the- scenes work.  Understand that we use many volunteers to fill regular weekly or monthly shifts at many positions which require a degree of training, and so we look for months of commitment at a time from reliable volunteers.  There are certainly other opportunities for “less regular” or regular-but-shorter-term volunteering to benefit the IFC. 

Please check any and all of these links to see what appeals or matches your abilities: 

  • for an individual,
  • part of a small group,
  • or if looking to volunteer with a larger group, a group with minors, or someone wanting shorter-term service projects, check these valuable opportunities.
  • If you are looking to complete Community Service hours, you won't need to complete a form - simply contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ifcmailbox.org for additional assistance. 

To Volunteer

If you are interested in one of these opportunities, we invite you to attend the next volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientation offers an overview of our mission, facilities, who we are, who we serve, the principles that guide our efforts, and how different roles function in our organization and so how you can help.  On-site orientation is required for volunteers filling regular spots, and as many members of a group-effort as possible, with at least one person from any group attending.  (Note that for those who will be volunteering via service projects or other off-site efforts, we still encourage orientation.)  All on-site IFC volunteers are trained for their roles after being provided with an IFC Policies & Procedures Manual via the orientation session.  This orientation is held at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month in the second floor conference room of the Douglas Building at 110 W. Main St. in Carrboro. (Parking maps and directions). 

Dates for upcoming volunteer orientations are as follows:

  • September 13, 2017
  • November 8, 2017

If possible, please complete a volunteer application before attending orientation:  click here for the application for individuals, and for registration for minors and for groups.  

E-mail your completed form to volunteer@ifcmailbox.org or drop it off/use postal mail to Volunteer Office at 110 W. Main Street, Carrboro, NC  27510. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Volunteer Office at 919-929-6380, ext. 30.

Once you have been through orientation, you may be contacted for further information to help match you to an opening.  Once a possible match is identified, you will be contacted directly by someone in the relevant department to get your volunteer efforts underway.  With our thanks!