RSVVP for IFC: Count us in!

Please fill out the form below to confirm, so we can promote you. Tuesday, November 13 is the 30th annual RSVVP for IFC. You are committing to donate 10% of your revenue from that day to IFC by December 31, 2018.  Money raised supports IFC’s Community Kitchen and Food Pantry, which make s…

Comments and Concerns

IFC @ SECU Community House Please fill out this form to communicate your comments and concerns about the IFC @ SECU Community House to Community House staff and the Community House Advisory Committee (CHAC). TO REPORT AN EVENT THAT YOU BELIEVE THREATENS THE SAFETY and/or SECURITY OF COMMUNITY HOUSE …


RSVP here for the 2016 IFC Annual Meeting. Thursday, October 27 at the United Church of Chapel Hill. 5:30pm - Receive finger foods for Potluck in the Fellowship Hall 6:00pm - Business meeting in the Sanctuary 7:00pm - Potluck in the Fellowship Hall and CHAC Open House at the IFC @ SECU Community House