RSVVP Ten Percent Pledge

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO PLEDGE 10 PERCENT ON RSVVP DAY. Dear Fellow Restaurateur,When the Six-Day War started in 1967, I was seven years old.  I lived in a refugee camp near the city of Nablus called Rafedya.  Living there helped me see how community support is so important to tho…

Comments and Concerns

IFC @ SECU Community House Please fill out this form to communicate your comments and concerns about the IFC @ SECU Community House to Community House staff and the Community House Advisory Committee (CHAC). TO REPORT AN EVENT THAT YOU BELIEVE THREATENS THE SAFETY and/or SECURITY OF COMMUNITY HOUSE …


RSVP here for the 2016 IFC Annual Meeting. Thursday, October 27 at the United Church of Chapel Hill. 5:30pm - Receive finger foods for Potluck in the Fellowship Hall 6:00pm - Business meeting in the Sanctuary 7:00pm - Potluck in the Fellowship Hall and CHAC Open House at the IFC @ SECU Community House