Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

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IFC Commons
110 W. Main Street
Carrboro, NC  27510
919.929.6380 x0
J Bus Line
9a-5p Mon-Fri

Administration and Development

Jackie Jenks, President and CEO 919.929.6380 x2011 she/her
Asia Fowler, Finance and Operations Director 919.929.6380 x2013 she/her
Jennifer Gill, Development and Communications Director 919.929.6380 x2031 she/her
Mar'lisa Wooten, Community Engagement Director 919.929.6380 x2026 she/her
Stephani Kilpatrick, Development and Communications Manager 919.929.6380 x2033 she/her
Allan Rosen, Facilities Manager 919.929.6380 x2022 he/him
Tara Stephenson, Finance Associate 919.929.6380 x2015 she/her

Activate! IFC

Quinton Harper, Director                                                           919.929.6380 x2065 he/they

Community Services

Reception for Community Services: Community Market,
Community Kitchen, and Emergency Financial Assistance

110 W. Main Street
Carrboro, NC  27510
919.929.6380 x2000
Donations accepted 9a-4p Mon-Fri
J bus line

Kristin Lavergne, Director 919.929.6380 x2021 she/her
Lance Dixon, Community Kitchen Manager 919.929.6380 x2051 he/him
Crystell Ferguson, Community Navigation Manager 919.929.6380 x2025 she/her
Gricelidy Marrero, Community Market Manager 919.929.6380 x2023 she/her

Shelter and Housing Services

Community House (shelter for men)                   HomeStart (shelter for women and families)
1315 Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard                     2505 Homestead Road
Chapel Hill, NC  27514                                             Chapel Hill, NC  27514
tel: 919 929-6380 x3000                                          tel. 919 929-6380 x4000
fax: 919 967-9533                                                    HS bus line
NS, HS, and T bus lines

Jessica Aldavé, Director 919.929.6380 x3011 she/her
Tracey Hagan, HomeStart Manager 919.929.6380 x4013 she/her
Ka'Tiera Truett, Community House Manager 919.929.6380 x3013 she/her

Services in Spanish

Servicios para hispanohablantes