Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

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Administrative Offices Staff Email

*All staff have new 4-digit extensions as of January 2021

Jackie Jenks (she/her)
President & CEO
919 929-6380 x2011

Jennifer Gill (she/her)
Development and Communications Director
919 929-6380 x2031

Stephani Kilpatrick (she/her)
Development and Communications Manager
919 929-6380 x2033

Jeffrey Causey (he/him)
Finance and Operations Director
919 929-6380 x2013

Tara Stephenson (she/her)
Finance and Operations Associate
919 929-6380 x2015

Allan Rosen (he/him)
Project Manager

Activate! IFC

Quinton Harper (he/him)
Activate! IFC Coordinator
919 929-6380 x2065

REAL Transformation

Soteria Shepperson (she/her)
REAL Transformation Coordinator
919 929-6380 x2063

Community Services

Kristin Lavergne (she/her)
Community Services Director
919 929-6380 x2021

Gricelidy Marrero (she/her)
Community Market and Emergency Financial Assistance Program Manager
919 929-6380 x2023

Valeria Hernandez (she/her)
Community Market Staff
919 929-6380 x2027

Shannon Gigliotti (she/her)
Community Market Staff 
919 929-6380 x2025

Bill Culton (he/him)
Community Kitchen Manager
919 929-6380 x2051

Shelter and Housing Services

Community House
1315 Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard, Chapel Hill, NC  27514
tel: 919 929-6380 x3000
fax: 919-967-9533

2505 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC  27514
tel: 919-929-6380 x4000

Jessica Aldavé (she/her)
Shelter and Housing Director
919 929-6380 x3011

Tracey Hagan (she/her)
HomeStart Program Manager
919 929-6380 x4013

Ka'Tiera Truett (she/her)
Community House Program Manager
919 929-6380 x3013



Services in Spanish

Servicios para hispanohablantes

919 929-6380