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Activate! IFC

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Activate! IFC

Activate! IFC is a voting, advocacy and leadership development project with the IFC community. We're building relationships, building skills and activating community power to get out the vote, impact the political process and activate our own personal power. If you are interested in joining the A-Team, contact Quinton at

  1. Our voting and civic engagement goal (Activate! IFC Voting Challenge) is to demystify local government; encourage participation and access in civic engagement and the political process through voter registration, voter training, and voter outreach.
    • In this video from July 2020, meet members of the IFC community and hear why they’re Activated! and registered to vote.
  2. Our leadership development goal (Community Connectors and Living Legends projects) is, in community, relationship and partnership with each other to activate our collective power and personal leadership potential, and support others to lead.
  3. Our advocacy goal is elevating lived experience through community-building, advocacy actions, and participation to develop IFC’s Advocacy Priorities and to amplify these advocacy efforts through collaboration.

Meeting of the Minds

A group of community leaders and allies that meets at Community Empowerment Fund and advocates for priorities identified by our low-income community, which would facilitate their full participation in our life together.  Housing advocacy is coordinated through involvement with the Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition.

Advocacy priorities include:

  1. More affordable housing for people making up to 30 percent of area median income.
  2. Accessible public transit
  3. Living wage jobs