Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

Community House Advisory Committee

Before construction could begin on the new Inter-Faith Council @ SECU Community House, the Town of Chapel Hill required IFC to prepare a Good Neighbor Plan (GNP) with input from numerous stakeholders. This task was completed in June 2012 when the Town Council approved the GNP.

The Town also requires IFC to convene a standing Community House Advisory Committee (CHAC). CHAC will serve as the liaison between the IFC and our new IFC @ SECU Community House neighbors. The CHAC will also regularly report to both the Chapel Hill Town Council and the IFC Board of Directors.

In August 2014 all stakeholders who participated in developing the GNP were invited to join CHAC. The committee’s orientation meeting was held in March 2015. CHAC started meeting monthly in August 2015. Since April 2016, it has met quarterly.

Monthly and other Reports

 Good Neighbor Plan links:

Community House Advisory Committee (CHAC) orientation materials: