Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

Advocacy Alert

March 10, 2021  IFC is asking you to take action TODAY and protect the homes of 73 families in Chapel Hill.

An important vote is going before Chapel Hill Town Council TODAY. Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition (OCAHC), of which IFC is a member, is asking Chapel Hill Town Council to support the rezoning of 1200 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in order to preserve housing for 73 families. Please see a letter from OCAHC co-chairs here.

Public Hearing about the project is now closed. There are active and loud voices urging not to re-zone the property. This is your last chance to write or call Council members by 7pm tonight and support the voices of the 73 families who do not want to lose their housing this August.

Please take action right now:

Sample text:

Dear Mayor Hemminger and Council Members,

I live and work in Orange County and I stand with the families of Tarheel Mobile Home Park by asking you to vote yes on the rezoning of the 1200 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard project. It is imperative to preserve affordable housing and keep our community accessible and vibrant. The pandemic has taught us that housing is health care, and that loss of housing places the health of elders, children, and other household members at risk. We are only beginning to witness the economic and social fallout from COVID. Already there are few affordable housing options in our community where these families have established employment, enrolled in schools, and receive health care. I urge you to support this project. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you for standing up for affordable housing in our community!