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IFC Board Selects Site for FoodFirst

Carrboro, NC – June 16, 2016 – At its monthly meeting last night, the Inter-Faith Council (IFC) Board of Directors decided that 110 West Main Street is the best site for its planned FoodFirst program. The board directed staff to begin preparing its Petition for Conditional Zoning which is the next step required by Carrboro’s land use regulations. Preparing the petition is expected to take several months.

IFC renewed its search for possible appropriate alternative sites for its FoodFirst project in January 2016 in response to requests made during the November 2015 Carrboro Board of Alderman text amendment public hearing. For more than three months, IFC has been assessing a possible alternative site at 303 Jones Ferry Road.

IFC carefully analyzed ten sites besides 110 West Main. It did not locate an appropriate alternate site. 303 Jones Ferry Road was brought back to our attention in late February and extensive due diligence began in early March. Buildable footprint, cost of construction, physical limitations (such as the onsite stream and resulting stream buffer requirements), access from Jones Ferry Road, environmental concerns remaining from a previous owner, public transportation service and input from the adjoining residential neighborhood were considered. Following its due diligence and balancing factors related to site appropriateness and program needs, IFC’s Board concluded 110 W. Main Street is more appropriate than 303 Jones Ferry Road for FoodFirst.

IFC’s administrative offices as well as its Food Pantry and Community Services programs are currently located at 110 West Main.

IFC looks forward to working with the Town of Carrboro, our many supporters throughout the community, and our immediate neighbors as we continue develop our plans to end hunger in our community.

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About FoodFirst
IFC plans to combine its Community Kitchen and Food Pantry into a food operations center called FoodFirst. Combining the kitchen and pantry into one program and location will maximize food, space, staff and volunteer resources. It provides a more effective way to collect available food resources and get food into the hands of those who are hungry in our community. 

About Inter-Faith Council for Social Service
The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service meets basic needs and helps individuals and families achieve their goals. We provide shelter, food, direct services, referrals and information to people in need. We accomplish this through strong partnerships with volunteers, staff and those we serve. We rely on the active involvement of caring individuals, congregations and other community organizations.