Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

Capturing the sense of connection

Happy 2022! Welcome to a new year, a new design, and a new name! We are capturing the sense of connection we feel among the IFC community by naming our newsletter: Connections. The name signifies both what is required to do this work – reaching out, and what results from the work – relationships. We hope the name resonates with you.  

     As we have celebrated in previous newsletters, IFC supporters connect to this work in a variety of meaningful ways. Some people volunteer from time to time or several days a month. Some folks share their financial resources, while others provide in-kind donations. Contributions can look like making a sign and marching, or attending a town meeting. Every way of contributing is valuable. Every contribution builds a stronger base for our neighbors who are part of IFC.


     During the past two years as we have responded to COVID, grappled with a racial reckoning, strengthened our physical and programmatic infrastructure, and envisioned our future, we have needed your support in myriad ways. Time after time your wholehearted response has provided a powerful example of our connectedness. I can recall many specific occasions when you stepped forward to speak publicly on our behalf, sewed face masks, baked a casserole, wrote a check, and so much more. Your reliable commitment to this work is overwhelming. Thank you.

     This year, in the spirit of gratitude for all the ways you show up, and based on feedback from many of you, we are exploring new ways to honor the fullness of what it means to contribute to IFC. In this year’s spring newsletter, instead of listing names of financial donors, we are including images and stories of giving from across the IFC community. We are living into our values by elevating more IFC voices. We are diversifying authorship on page x with an article by Activate! staff member, Nate Jones. We are appreciating the significance of telling stories of lived experience with an article by IFC member, LB, on page x. Each story is uniquely compelling. Each story exemplifies the enduring spirit of community that unites us, centers us in the reasons we do this work, and inspires us to action. We welcome you to Connections.