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Join us at Carrboro Elementary on March 22

Register now to join fellow FoodFirst allies at
Carrboro Elementary School Auditorium on March 22

Have you been hearing about FoodFirst, the Inter-Faith Council's plan to combine its Community Kitchen and Food Pantry into a single operations center in Carrboro?

Co-location of food services in one building will allow IFC to operate at a "best practices" standard:  FoodFirst will maximize food, space, staff and volunteer resources resulting in a better way to collect available food and ensure everyone in our community has the necessary nutritional resources to be healthy and strong!

Are you looking for a simple way to show your support? The IFC encourages FoodFirst supporters to attend the public hearing scheduled for 7:30 pm on Tuesday, March 22 at Carrboro Elementary. This is very important because authorizing the proposed text amendment is necessary to allow  IFC to apply to build FoodFirst. A strong show of support lets the Carrboro Board of Aldermen know that citizens support food service for hungry people in Carrboro and want to see IFC's  plans.
How you can help:

1. Join us at Carrboro Elementary on March 22nd to show your support for FoodFirst. Please register online at

2. Invite your friends and neighbors to attend the public hearing, especially folks who live in Carrboro

What to expect at the March 22nd Public Hearing

1. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm, but we would like our supporters to arrive about 7 pm.


2. There will be a team of IFC volunteers there to greet our FoodFirst supporters and give them a lapel button which will help the Aldermen see how much support we have.


To learn more about FoodFirst, visit