Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

The Stewards Fund Challenge

We need your help to meet The Stewards Fund challenge!

The trustees of The Stewards Fund just issued a $88,000 challenge grant to the IFC Board of Directors. This grant is designed to help raise funds from new donors, increased gifts from existing donors, and funds from lapsed donors. The challenge period goes from October 1 to December 31st.

Here's how it works:

  • If you've never given to IFC, any donation you make from now until the end of the year will be matched, effectively doubling the impact of your gift.
  • Increased donation is defined as the difference between the total of this year's gifts and last year's gifts. So, if you gave $100 last year and you give $150 this year, $50 will be matched.
  • Funds from lapsed donors are defined as funds received during the challenge period from a donor who has not given within the past eighteen months.

All challenge grants are all or nothing, meaning that unless we reach the stated goal we will not receive any funds from The Stewards Fund. If by December 31st we have raised $88,000 in gifts from new and lapsed donors, or increased gifts from existing donors, The Stewards Fund will match that amount dollar for dollar!

This is a great way to increase the impact of your donation. Please consider helping us meet this important challenge. This matching gift is crucial for allowing IFC to continue helping local homeless individuals and low-wage households with shelter, food, crisis intervention and other basic services.