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Restaurants, Sign Up for RSVVP 2021

  Dear Local Food and Restaurant Community, Thank you to the restaurants who have already signed up for RSVVP on November 9th this year. If you haven’t signed up, it's not too late! I hope you will join your colleagues and IFC this year for this much-anticipated annual fund-raiser…

IFC Co-Sponsors Affordable Housing Rally

IFC is proud to be a co-sponsor of the House Us Now! rally, one way we live out our mission to Confront the Causes of Poverty and Build Community.

House Us Now! March

Join us Saturday, August 28, to march for affordable housing for our community members who are at or below 30% AMI.

Advocacy Alert

March 10, 2021  IFC is asking you to take action TODAY and protect the homes of 73 families in Chapel Hill. An important vote is going before Chapel Hill Town Council TODAY. Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition (OCAHC), of which IFC is a member, is asking Chapel Hill Town Council to suppor…

IFC Commons Delayed Opening Friday 2/19

Due to the weather advisory, IFC Commons at 110 W. Main Street in Carrboro will delay opening on Friday, February 19th until 11am. The Community Kitchen plans to serve lunch as usual at 11:15am, provided that staff can make it in to prepare it. The shelters are operating as usual with emergency proced…

IFC Commons Grand Opening

January 22, 2021  Dear IFC Community, On January 21st we celebrated the long awaited grand opening of IFC Commons at 110 W. Main Street in Carrboro! And what a fitting week it was to celebrate this milestone for a community that gives its heart and soul to eliminating poverty and its causes. …

We are thankful for you

November 25, 2020 Today we take a moment to acknowledge all that we are grateful for, including you. We are grateful for your gifts of time and money, innovation and energy. We are grateful for this diverse community we share, a community that we support together through holiday meals,…

5 Ways To Help

December 14, 2020 1. Share your financial resources - make a donation online or a mail a check to:    100 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC  27516    You may select any gift designation including: Area of Most Need (Unrestricted) Holiday Meals Blanket Orange Count…

From Response to Recovery

July 13, 2020    As the country moves from Covid-19 response to the recovery phase, IFC is also settling into our new normal. We continue to make modifications to keep our members and residents healthy in the face of the continued pandemic. We’re also planning a sustained response to the other long-term crisis ravaging our communities and country – racism.

We're in this together

June 9, 2020    As we continue to respond to the challenges of Covid-19, we also turn our attention to another pandemic that is ravaging our communities of color. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery were the latest atrocities exposing violent systemic racism in our country. They underscore the reality that there are still people in the world who think black lives don’t matter. As we process these events within our beloved IFC community, our hearts are broken.